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Maybe you’ve seen a webinar, video training, or other piece of Tyson Zahner content. Now, you’re looking for reviews to see what this guy is all about, and what results his customers have actually achieved (smart!). Take a look at the videos below to see Tyson Zahner reviews from real life students.

*  Disclaimer:  These results are atypical (because these students are atypical. They were highly dedicated and determined students. Unlike many others, they worked hard and consistently put in effort to get results.)  Your results will depend on a range of factors including your level of effort, time, focus, and commitment. Our full disclaimer is at the bottom of this page.

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Hey everybody, it’s Tyson Zahner.

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re looking for some reviews about me and my products. Maybe you’ve recently attended one of my web classes and you’re on the fence. Or, maybe you want to hear a little more about the people I’ve helped and the kinds of results they’ve achieved. Or - maybe you just want to check I’m legit and not some kind of fake guru or scammer. Totally understandable.

Instead of me hyping up my own program - let me walk you through some real results and real reviews from my actual customers, webinar attendees, and past students. They can describe their time working with me in their own words so you have a clear and honest picture about their experience.

There’s one thing I’d like to say before I show you these reviews. You should take these reviews, and any reviews you find online (positive or negative) with a massive grain of salt. Reason being - the only review that matters is the one you form from your own experience.

As a quick example, last year I lost 100 pounds by following the ketogenic diet. Before I started that diet, I looked for reviews. Some people said it was a fad, that it didn’t work, and others said it was awesome and worked wonders. Even when I only read reviews from people who tried it themselves - I still got mixed opinions. When I decided to start, I slowly began losing weight. 100 pounds later, there’s nothing anyone could say about the Keto diet because I’ve formed my own opinion based on a real life experience.

It’s for this same reason that I offer my free web classes. If you find my free web classes helpful, that’s all you need to know. If you haven’t already, attend my free web class, try out some of the strategies, and see if you get results. Then, decide for yourself if I’ve been helpful to you. That will be the best possible review you could use to inform your decision.

This process is exactly what Eve Thompson and her husband did. She said, "I don't need to see what other people are saying about you. My husband and I already attended your Webinar. You've proven that you know your stuff."

Nicole Safley also followed this process by attending our webinar. She said, “Just from the free Webinar alone, she got 118 leads in five days." She said, "People are joining her Facebook group. They're joining her challenge. They're setting appointments, checking out her products and services."

If you’d like to try out this process for yourself, you can visit the link here.

Now, if you’ve already attended the webinar and you’re still on the fence, or you’d like to hear about the kind of results you might achieve - let me show you a few real world results from our actual customers. 

Here’s Rae Permann and her husband Brian. They’re health and wellness coaches, and they took the Attract 100 Leads in 30 Days Challenge, with our product of the same name. Within their first 30 days, they got 397 leads, booked 122 appointments, and signed four new clients. This was all accomplished with a $100 Facebook Ad spend.

What’s more - eight months after they implemented the challenge strategies, she posted a followup in our Facebook group (she’s part of our group coaching program called The Inner Circle). Rae said she increased their income by $20,000 last year alone from the strategies and processes we showed them, the implementation approach, and overall how to grow their business online.

But, as a disclaimer - the results I’m showing you are not typical. Ryan and Brian and Rae, and everyone else I’m going to show you - they’re not typical people. They put in the work, don’t make excuses, and stay focused on learning and implementing the strategies. I’m not showing you this to promise that you’ll get the same results. I’m showing you what’s possible. I don’t know what kind of results you’ll get, since it’ll depend on where you’re starting with your business, your industry, your work ethic, and if you give up when things get tough. Just know that I’m not making promises about what your results will be. If you don’t apply what I teach, you may get zero results.

If you’re the type of person who takes action, I’d like to share Michael’s story. He has a business called Windsor Bulls, where he breeds French bulldogs. He bought my course and he said after the first three videos and implementing the strategies, he got over 20 leads and three new customers. He said his message box was blowing up with potential leads. 

Another example is Artis Spades, who is a network marketer. Artis said he became a top earner in his company thanks to the strategies I offer in my training. 

Michelle Brooks is a dietitian and another past student. Her case is interesting because she actually posted this as a response to a negative review site about me. This negative review site is just some anonymous guy who has an axe to grind with online marketers. He admitted that he’s never done business with us, doesn’t like the people I’ve helped (especially network marketers). He has a lot of opinions but no personal experience with my work.

Well, Michelle was so passionate about how I helped her that she came to my defense without me asking. In her comment, Michelle made it clear that yes - there are many online programs that deserve the harsh words this guy was slinging. However, she said, "Tyson's program is definitely not one of them."

She followed up in our Facebook group by saying, "There is no training like what you've offered. I've tried other programs, I've just wasted money, but I've been so impressed with your teaching ability and your true heart for all of us to succeed." I sent her a heartfelt thank you note. She replied by telling me in private that just one of my trainings helped her get five new patients just within the last week for her business. 

I have plenty of other testimonials - but for the sake of time, I’ll stop here. If any of these stories or results struck a chord with you, and reflect what you hope to achieve for your business. And, if you need more leads, more customers, and you want to make more sales - or just simply want to modernize your processes and use the internet to your advantage, I’d love to help you.

Like I said in the beginning, I don’t expect you to take my word for this. So please, if you haven’t attended my free webinar - click here to attend that free web class. If you’ve already attended and you’re ready to get started on attracting leads and growing your business, you can click this link here - where you can start the order form and take advantage of the discount and bonuses currently on offer. 

I hope to see you inside the course. By the way - you’ll also get an entire month of free coaching in The Inner Circle Group Coaching Program when you buy. A lot of other instructors let you buy the course and say good luck, hope you can figure it out on your own. That’s why we give our customers access to The Inner Circle group coaching program. You’ll get two live video group coaching calls every month, where you can interact with me, ask questions and get instant answers. You can also submit your work, websites, and ads for review and get personalized and curated advice for your specific business. You’ll also be able to network with other business owners and bounce ideas with each other. 

So, I look forward to seeing you in The Inner Circle as well, and to seeing you work through the home study course. If you’re interested in joining - click the link and I’ll see you very soon. 

To your success,

Tyson Zahner

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*  Disclaimer: These results are not typical (because these were highly dedicated and determined students. Unlike many others, they worked hard and consistently put in effort to get results.)  Your results will depend on a range of factors including your level of effort, time, focus, and commitment. Our full disclaimer is below, please read it.

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DISCLAIMER: We do not believe there is such a thing as a "get rich quick" program. If you’re hoping to buy a course that’ll do the work for you or generate leads without you needing to learn new skills or put in effort - this course is NOT for you. This course relies on you putting in hard work, adding value where you can, and serving others to the best of your ability. While this course is based on my personal success and real-world results, we do not make promises about your ability to earn money with our ideas, information, and strategies. We confidently believe this information can help grow and scale your business, but like anything in life, your results will depend on the work you put in, the actions you take, and your commitment to implementing these systems. As mentioned before - my success and the success of my students is not typical. In fact, most people who buy ‘how to’ or ‘improvement’ courses don’t get results because they give up at the first sign of trouble or learning hurdle.  If you want to succeed in business -- and in life -- you have to be able to stick to a plan, have a robust work ethic, and the determination to keep working towards your goals, even when you hit a roadblock. 

It’s for this reason that our programs are action-based 30-day “get results or get your money back” refund guarantee - NOT a “no-questions asked” guarantee. If you don’t put in the effort - you’re doing yourself a disservice. Getting results from a program requires you to do your part and actually implement the training. If you are the kind of person that purchases programs without finishing it, or feels defeated when things get tough - we do NOT recommend that you purchase any of our courses. We can’t hand out refunds if “something came up” or because “you decided to go a different direction”. 

All of this information is available in detail in our terms, privacy, and disclaimers and can be accessed through the links below. We hope you appreciate this no-nonsense approach to business and that you understand that anything worth achieving in life is also worth working for. If so, we’re ready to welcome you aboard  - you’d be a perfect fit for what we have to offer and we’d love to help you succeed in your business. 
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